Phnom Penh street food – Num Krok

by Sanne
Num krok, Khmer street food in Phnom Penh

Khmer Num Krok are little round cakes made from rice flour and coconut. It is a popular street food snack that you will find throughout Phnom Penh. The cakes have a fine crunchy surface surrounding the inner, just set, coconut batter, and they come in a sweet and a savory version.

Some places sell both kinds, which is great for someone like me, who can never decide whether I prefer the sweet ones or the savory ones. The savory ones have chives or scallions mixed in the dough to add flavor and the sweet ones are served with a sweet coconut sauce on the side. Num krok is a very cheap snack (I paid half a dollar for four) and best eaten immediately, while still hot and delicious.

If you have traveled in Thailand, you might have encountered the Thai version of num krok, which is called Khanom Krok. Furthermore, the special frying pan with the holes in which the num krok are cooked, looks like the pan we use to make æbleskiver in Denmark, so I am wondering if there is a historical link between num krok/khanom krok and æbleskiver?

The vendor in the video has her stall in one of the side streets close to Orussey Market, -a great place to go for all kinds of Khmer street food.


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