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Phnom Penh: T&T Taiwan Bubble Tea

by Sanne

There’s a bubble tea shop, T&T Taiwan Bubble Tea, a few steps from my hotel, so boba (another word for bubble tea) has become an integrated part of my daily routine. I usually order the old school version with black tea with milk and tapioca bubbles and no sugar, but sometimes they are out of bubbles and I have to decide on something else to order.

The bubbles are delivered to the store each day, so if you come too early, the bubbles have not arrived and if you come too late, the bubbles are sold out. The staff have started to recognize me, and they know what I am after, so when I show up in the store, they greet me with “no bubbles” or “have bubbles”.

It takes some practice to drink boba. If you suck too hard, the bubbles come flying like little projectiles and are easy to choke on, and if you do not suck hard enough, the bubbles get stuck in the straw.

At T&T Taiwan Bubble Tea, most of the boba are 6500KHR which is around 1.5USD, so it’s a cheap little everyday luxury. So far, I have tried the chocolate milk tea, the macchiato and some of their fruit teas in addition to the black tea with milk. When they are out of bubbles, I order the Macchiato with a brown jelly that tastes like coffee. The flavor reminds me of the Coffee Jelly Frappuccino you can get at Starbucks in Japan during the summer months, and it is really nice.

There is no menu in English, but there are plenty of photos, so I just point at what I want. You can choose which level of sugar you want. I usually choose no sugar at all, and the tea is still quite sweet:) Today I wanted to try something without milk and managed to order something that tasted like iced fruit tea with bubbles and some strange white bits. I think it’s fruit, but it could also be jelly?

T&T Taiwan Bubble Tea, #57 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh

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