Spicy Nopal

3.5 oz


Nopal is a type of cactus native to Mexico. Its green, pad-like stems, known as ‘nopales,’ are adorned with spines, requiring careful preparation before consumption. Nopales have a slightly tangy flavor, often compared to green beans or bell peppers. During the drying process, the nopal’s natural tanginess intensifies, while much of the nopal’s nutritional value, including fiber and vitamins, is retained, offering a chewy, jerky-like texture. The dried nopal from Chuza is seasoned with Chuza’s signature chili powder to create the perfect blend of spicy tanginess.

3.5 oz


About Chuza

Chuza is a brand born from a deep love for Mexican culture and flavors. The founders at Chuza are proud Mexicans living in the US, on a passionate mission to share the authentic spice and flair of their homeland. Upon moving to the US, the longing for the familiar tastes of home sparked the creation of Chuza. This venture is more than just about food; it’s a celebration of Mexican culture, imbued with values of happiness, family, and festivity.

Ingredients: Sweetened dried nopal cactus (dried nopal cactus, sugar, citric acid, salt), chili seasoning (chili powder, salt, citric acid, sugar, silicon dioxide to preserve the freshness), soybean oil.