Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce
Karma Sauce

Karma Sauce
5 oz


Cherry Bomb combines the intense heat of habanero chiles with the tartness of sour cherries, crafting a fusion of sweet fruitiness and potent spice. Since the launch in 2012, Cherry Bomb has garnered over 20 award, securing its position as one of the most celebrated hot sauces in recent years. It’s a perfect pairing with chicken, lamb, or duck, infusing each dish with a uniquely explosive taste!

Sanne: This is my favorite Karma sauce! I love the fruity notes, and heat-wise, it’s just right for me.

Warning: This sauce is Extra Hot so if you aren’t used to hot sauce, it might be too hot for you.

Ingredients: sour cherries, habanero pepper, onion, apple, apple cider vinegar, evaporated cane juice, lime juice, ground coffee, lemon zest, cinnamon, clove.

5 oz 


About Karma Sauce

Karma Sauce is specializing in small-batch sauces using only the finest ingredients grown at their own farm in Bristol, NY, or sourced from local suppliers. The Karma Sauce Company’s dedication is clear: to craft food that not only tantalizes the palate but is also a nourishing delight, and since they started out in 2010, the brand has won a number of prizes and awards.

Karma Sauce is driven by the desire to offer a healthier alternative to conventional condiments, sparing consumers from the excesses of fat and sugar. The ingredients are meticulously processed by hand at the Karma Sauce factory, located in  downtown Rochester, NY with a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the original recipes. With a dedicated and tight-knit team overseeing every stage of the production cycle, from farm to kettle to bottle, Karma Sauce delivers excellence directly to your table.



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