B – Passion Fruit

Lakrids by Bülow
10.4 oz


B Passionfruit is an exceptional creation by Lakrids by Bülow. At the core lies sweet Danish licorice embraced by a layer of exquisite white chocolate and passion fruit. It’s a dance of contrasts and textures: the rich sweetness of chocolate, the tart allure of passion fruit, and the anchoring depth of licorice. Together, they meld in harmonious perfection, culminating in a bite that’s sweet, sour, and utterly supreme. And just when you think the experience is complete, a delicate, crunchy sugar shell adds the finishing touch, making every bite a journey from anticipation to gratification. B Passionfruit is an experience waiting to be savored.


Gluten & gelatine free – The licorice is made from glutenfree rice flour

Made in Denmark

About Lakrids by Bülow:

Lakrids by Bülow isn’t merely a brand; it’s a testament to perfection, passion, and the eternal love for licorice. Established by Johan Bülow, this brand is known for crafting licorice into a gourmet experience, intertwining tradition with innovation. Sourcing the finest ingredients and dedicating countless hours to refining their craft, Lakrids by Bülow transforms a classic treat into a luxurious delight. Embracing its Nordic heritage, every product promises not just taste, but a journey to the heart of Scandinavia. Join the licorice revolution and savor the difference of genuine craftsmanship.



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