Kimchi Making Kit

Mama O’s


This kit comes with everything you need to make kimchi at home, – just add vegetables. And it comes out perfect every time! Making kimchi is often a time-consuming process, but this kit makes it super easy and reduces the time spent prepping to just 10 minutes, and a couple of days later, you’ll have delicious homemade kimchi to enjoy.

The kit is reusable, and turns 5lbs of vegetables into  ½ gallon of kimchi rich in probiotics. The kit is reusable, so you can make tasty kimchi over and over again.

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Made in Brooklyn, NYC.

Kit includes:

USDA-certified  ½ gallon fermenting jar

1 pair rubber kimchi making gloves

1 package Brining sea salt

1 airlock

2 plastic air tight lids

1jar Mama O’s Premium Kimchi Paste


Mama O’s Premium Kimchi Paste – Ingredients: Chili peppers, Water, Fresh Ginger juice, Fresh lime juice, Salt, Organic Cane sugar, Fish sauce [water, salt, anchovies]. (contains fish)