Resilience Turmeric Elixir

Anjali’s Cup
20 serving tin


Resilience® Turmeric Elixir is a smooth and delicious instant drink blend that combines nutrient dense organic Hawaiian grown white and yellow turmeric with Hawaiian grown ginger, whole lemon, lemon peel, a hint of maple sugar and a dash of black pepper.

Suggested Use:  Add 1 rounded teaspoon (4 grams) per cup of hot or cold water or milk of choice for comforting refreshment morning, noon or night. Drink daily for cumulative benefits.

Get Creative: Add to smoothies, coffee, cocktails, lemonade, baked goods, breakfast items, dips & dressings.

• 100% certified organic ingredients
• Sustainably sourced and minimally processed with low heat
• Never boiled to retain maximum freshness and potency
• Super fine powder for a smooth, silky drinking experience and maximum surface area for optimal absorption
• Only 10 calories per serving

Tin ~ 20 servings, 2.82oz (80 g) 


About Anjali’s Cup

Anjali  Bhargava was deeply influenced by her Indian heritage; her relationship to food, wellness, and the art of well-balanced ingredients is infused with the traditions, philosophy, and practice of her family’s culture. Her reverence for turmeric began as a child watching her mother use the magical golden powder in almost everything. As an adult, she returned to the sacred turmeric root and developed a recipe that tasted as good as it made her feel.

Resilience® Turmeric Elixir, her premier blend, was born from a genuine desire to create something that would nourish the body, nurture the soul, and taste divine. Using three varieties of organic Hawaiian turmeric and ginger that is dried fresh in small batches and never boiled—and ensuring all my ingredients are sustainably sourced and minimally processed—makes a remarkable difference in the smoothness of taste.


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