Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

Wine Forest
0.96 oz


Wine Forest’s Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms are harvested from Oregon, USA. The premium mushrooms are celebrated for their mild, earthy flavor with a hint of dried apricot. These mushrooms are perfect for infusing rich flavors into vodka, stocks, and sauces once rehydrated. Ideal for vegan dishes, soups, and stews, they offer a meaty texture and intense flavor typical of dried mushrooms. They require a 30-minute soaking time to rehydrate and are versatile enough for sautéing, roasting, or incorporating into grain dishes and sauces.


0.96 oz



About Wine Forest

Wine Forest Wild Foods, founded by Connie Green, has been a pioneer in the American wild mushroom industry since the early 1980s. Starting with solo foraging efforts, Green built a reputable business by supplying high-quality wild mushrooms to renowned chefs and restaurants. Her dedication to sustainability and deep respect for the forest ecosystem underpins the company’s ethos. Wine Forest Wild Foods has expanded its product line beyond mushrooms to include wild shrubs, pickles, spices, and more, earning numerous accolades for its commitment to quality and sustainability. The story highlights the journey from early skepticism about wild mushrooms in America to widespread culinary appreciation, reflecting a broader recognition of the value of wild, foraged foods.



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