Ubud: Praety Homestay – Cozy guesthouse with delicious breakfast

Bali: Praety Homestay - A Cozy Guesthouse in Ubud

When I’m in Ubud I always try to book at least a couple of days at Praety Homestay. It’s a beautiful guesthouse surrounded by lots of greenery, and the breakfast, which is included in the room rate, doesn’t come much better.

There’s both a Praety 1 and a Praety 2, and they’re both located down tiny alleys, not too far from each other. The rooms look the same, and the breakfast is also similar, so it doesn’t really matter at which Praety you stay. And let’s talk more about the breakfast, because that’s what really makes Praety stand out.

The breakfast menu has a nice selection of dishes to choose from, but 9 out of 10 times I would order banana pancakes or pineapple pancakes because they’re amazing. In fact they are so good that last time I stayed at Praety, I asked if I could sneak into the kitchen and see how they’re made. Turns out it’s just pancake mix, but add banana and pineapple, and you get Bali’s best pancakes 🙂 Sometimes I also order omelet or scrambled eggs for variation, and on one of my last days at my previous visit, I tried the black rice pudding, and it was so delicious I regret I didn’t try that one before. You also have a choice between fruit juice or mixed fruit salad. They’re both delicious, but the mixed fruit salad is amazing with the pancakes and beautifully plated, so I’ll suggest you order that one.

The rooms have beautiful doors and a nice porch where I would spend a lot of time reading books, enjoying my breakfast or a cup of tea. The family who runs the guesthouse, is very friendly and happy to help you with any questions you may have, and it is my impression that most of the guest staying at Praety are there for quite a while, so there are plenty of opportunities get to know other travelers, which is great if you’re traveling solo and want to socialize. Though Praety isn’t a party hotel. When I was there, the clientele was more of the yoga/Eat Pray Love kind that is commonly drawn to Ubud.

Both Praetys are located along Jl. Sukma Kesuma, which is a nice, rather busy, street with plenty of restaurants and warungs within walking distance, including You & Mie, which is a wonderful little noodle shop with delicious food. If you’re in Ubud for Yoga Barn Praety is a little too far for walking, especially if you go to Yoga Barn several times each day which I usually do, but you can always take a motorbike taxi or rent your own.

The only thing I’m not super happy about regarding Praety is that the wi-fi is sometimes super slow. It’s a common thing at most of the cheaper guesthouses and hotels in Bali, so I usually buy a sim card with lots of data and use my phone to get online.

The rooms are cleaned every day and so are the outdoor areas, but don’t freak out if you see the occasional cockroach in the bathroom. It’s common at most guesthouses and hotels in Bali. Cockroaches tend to make less frequent appearances on higher floors, so if it’s a big concern, try to get one of the superior rooms one stair up.

There’s no pool at Praety but I’m not much of a pool person anyway, so I don’t mind, because everything else is amazing.

When I’ve been staying at Praety, I’ve booked directly with the family that runs it, and I think I paid around $10 a night, but if you book online through one of the big booking sites, it’s more expensive.

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