NYC: Vandal – I think I like you

by Sanne
New York Hot Pretzel Steak Tartare at Vandal, New York

Oh Vandal! While I’m feeling a bit too old for you I’m always enjoying your company. Some of your fusions are a bit of a hit or a miss, but within the category of restaurants that deep inside actually want to be nightclubs, you’re still among the best. You really know how to party, and your ambience will send anyone flying into Friday night. And you’re fun too! I think I like you.

Vandal is one of those places that I just knew Trine would love, so even though it wasn’t too long since my last visit, and even though I had other places further up on my dining wish list, I decided to be a good sister and take her to Vandal.

I suggested that we ordered Korean Rice Cakes and the New York Hot Pretzel Steak, which I had warm memories of from my last visit, but otherwise, I left the decisions to Trine. This resulted in a table filled with Mushroom Pizza, Crispy Bao Buns and something with crab meat in addition to my selections. None of it too heavy, too spicy or too weird. All of it meant for sharing.

People tend to come in groups at Vandal, and to be able to try more dishes without over-ordering a party of at least 4 would be ideal. Our Two Man Wolf Pack struggled to finish the food, and we didn’t even think about dessert.

Vandal, 199 Bowery, Lower East Side, New York

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