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Berlin: The Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt

by Sanne
Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

In the beginning of this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Luchessa in Berlin. She is primarily a beauty blogger, while my favorite blogging topics are food, travel and food, so where is the connection? I think it is the fact that we started taking blogging more serious at approximately the same time, and discovered each other’s blogs during the process. What I like with Luchessa’s blog is that she usually writes about affordable, yet efficient, products. Luchessa also likes Korean beauty products, which I think is really cool. 

We met at a metro station downtown and went for a short walk to the Italian restaurant Via Nova. I had a lovely pasta dish with scampi and Luchessa had pasta with salmon and cream. Really delicious food in a very nice restaurant.

Luchessa even remembered that my birthday is coming up, so she had brought me a birthday present: Chocolate, a facial treatment (which I’ve already tried, and it was really good) and a selection of different kinds of tea. Thank you so much!

After dinner, we went to visit Fassbender & Rausch, which is the world’s largest chocolaterie. We spent almost half an hour just walking around admiring the edible displays in the store, and I was really tempted to take a bite of the big chocolate Santa, who was sitting in a corner. Afterwards, we went just across the street to the Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt. This beautiful square is bordered by the French cathedral and the German cathedral as well as the Konzerthaus and even though it wasn’t snowing, it was indeed the perfect settings for a Christmas Market.

There were so many people gathered there, it was hard to believe it was just an ordinary Monday evening in December. A band was playing Christmas carols, and you could buy different kinds of Christmas food and candy and, of course, Glühwein from the vendors. I don’t think anybody could take a walk through this place unaffected, as the air is so heavy with Christmas spirit you could almost grab it and fold it into a gingerbread house, should you wish to do so. Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!

Now we’re at German Christmas markets, I have also visited the Winterdom Christmas market in Hamburg, which you can read about here

Visit Berlin’s website and read more about the Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt

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