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BonBon NYC was founded in 2018 by the three Swedish friends Bobby, Leo and Selim. The aim is to sweeten and revolutionize the US candy world through the love of their home country and the sweet and savory treats that are so popular in Scandinavia.

Here’s why I’m so crazy about the sour fish gummies:

They have just the right size. Big enough so you only need one to chew on at a time. The texture is soft and chewy at the same time, just as I prefer my gummies to be.

The sweet-sour balance is just right. Some sour fish are so sour it feels like they are eating into your teeth enamel with every bite, but this isn’t the case for these ones. They sourness also doesn’t get too dominating, so you can also enjoy the flavor of fruit and berries.

Considering that the sour fish gummies are gourmet gummies, the 5.2oz package size is rather generous. The bags I have been counting have each had 19 pieces, so forget about eating all at once.

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