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CWSG - Cambodian Women's Support Group

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Contoured Sleep Mask - Peek-a-Pineapple



Hair Bow - Emerald green



Contoured Sleep Mask - Goodnight Panda



About CWSG

Handmade in Phnom Penh

Fair fashion with a real impact

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CWSG in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CWSG (Cambodia Women’s Support Group) is a group of women in Phnom Penh, skilled in sewing, embroidery and design. The group was founded by Ky Kanary in 2014, with the purpose of providing the women in the group with a source of income from selling different kinds of beautiful, handmade products. Some of the women are skilled in sewing, while others excel in embroidery and design, and when developing new products to sell, they try to make the best use of the inherent talent in the group.