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Korean hotdog with sugar

Korean hot dog with sugar

Ella was eager to show me all the nicest places in the area around Busan and Masan, so we spend a lot of time on the road and visited several rest areas along the highway.

The rest areas in Korea are very nice with plenty of clean toilets, and a good selection of food- and snack stalls, and it was at one of those stalls that I had my first Korean hotdog.

Korean hot dogs are served on a stick, and they look like American corn dogs, but the deep-fried batter that covers the sausage is not corn meal, but wheat flour. The batter is crispy on the outside, and donut-like on the inside, and it adds a lot of bulk, making a Korean hot dog quite a filling meal.

You can find all sorts of things on the stick inside the hotdog, but usually it would be a sausage and cheese, often half and half. You eat the hotdog dusted with white granulated sugar and then drizzled with ketchup, mustard, or both.

We also had iced Ginseng Latte which was delicious in the heat. Ginseng has a rather distinct flavor, which some people do not like at all, but which I have learned to like over the years.

Here is a video from the rest area outside Busan, where we had Korean hotdogs:

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