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Seoul: Din Tai Fung in Myeong-dong

Din Tai Fung, Myeong-dong, Seoul

AC and I both have a weakness for xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and Din Tai Fung, and it was AC, who introduced me to both, when we were visiting LA back in 2013. Since then, we’ve been xiao long bao partners in crime, and through the years, we’ve been to a number of Din Tai Fung restaurants together, including the ones in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Dubai. If there’s a Din Tai Fung, you can be sure that AC and I will be there.

In Seoul, there are 4 branches of Din Tai Fung, and one of them was located just a few minutes walk from our hotel, so guess where we went for lunch?

Even though the concept is supposed to be similar at all the restaurants, I’ve noticed several differences among the Din Tai Fungs I’ve been to. I like the DTF in Hong Kong and Singapore the best, but I also think Din Tai Fung in Dubai is doing a good job, especially considering that they have to make do without pork.

The Din Tai Fung we tried in Myeongdong in Seoul wasn’t bad either, but I couldn’t help notice that the dumpling skin seemed slightly more chewy and less delicate than at the other Din Tai Fungs I’ve been too. Furthermore, I think it was a shame that the sauce was served ready-mixed without the opportunity for diners to adjust the flavors, because personally I like the sauce with more soy and less vinegar than what Din Tai Fung recommends.

Din Tai Fung in Myeong-dong is also the only DTF I’ve visited, which didn’t have a long line outside, and while we were there, the restaurant was almost empty. The service was superfast, and we got our food in the blink of an eye, so it was actually a good thing, even though it’s cozier to dine at a busy restaurant.

PS: Have you seen where they’ve placed Dubai in the restaurant map? 🙂

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