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Sesame Noodle Bar in Phnom Penh

Sesame Noodle Bar is a cute little noodle restaurant close to Russian Market in Phnom Penh. The restaurant was started by an American/Japanese couple, and the menu, which is not afraid of fusions, has a limited, but appetizing selection of dishes and snacks. I was there 20 minutes before they opened for lunch, but they told me to come inside and have a seat, while they were getting ready, which I think was very nice of them.

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Homestay in Phnom Peng
The bedroom

If you want an authentic, very local experience in Phnom Penh, you should try a homestay with Kanary (the founder and manager of CWSG) and her sweet family. I think Kanary’s homestay is in fact one of the only real homestays in Phnom Penh, because if you look online, most of the advertised homestays are more like guesthouses with many guest rooms and external staff to take care of the guests.

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Naga World is a huge casino resort/entertainment complex near the river and Diamond Island in Phnom Penh. Compared to other 5-star accommodation in the city, Naga World is usually only around half the price, so when I was in Phnom Penh last time, I decided to give Naga a try. I had a lot of work to do, so when I checked in I told the receptionist that I needed a quiet room with good wifi, and that was what I got. My room was on the 13th floor and far from the escalator (which can be noisy) with a beautiful view of the city.

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