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New Jersey: Hot yoga at Life Time Athletic Florham Park

by Sanne
Life Time Athletic at Florham Park, New Jersey

Tina is a member at Life Time, which is a chain of big high-end gyms in the US, and one morning, she dragged me along for some hot yoga. It was the first time that I tried hot yoga, and I can warmly (pun intended) recommend it. Hot yoga is yoga in a hot room, and you are sweating like crazy so remember to bring a big water bottle, so you don’t get dehydrated.

 I have been doing yoga for many years, but I am not very good at it, so I was curious to see if I could keep pace. Though the yoga animals are universal, so even though I sometimes struggled to bend myself into the right shape, I could recognize most of the yoga moves from previous yoga classes.

The yoga teacher at Life Time was excellent at keeping the spirit high without being annoying (that’s a rare trait among fitness instructors:)), and she kept a pace and a level of difficulty that seemed to fit most of the people who had shown up to get sweaty that day. I think we were around 50 people in the class, which were a lot more than the yoga classes I have previously attended, but everything went smoothly (though I think I used someone else’s towel to wipe my face with at some point).

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Life Time Athletic, 14 Fernwood Rd, Florham Park, New Jersey

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