3 New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep

2022 is here, and many of us are probably already struggling to keep our New Year’s resolutions. It is disappointing and demotivating, not being able to stick to your goals, so if your resolutions are heading for a fall, why not consider making new ones? Here are three resolutions that you can actually keep:

I want to go vegan

I want to eat less meat

Yes, both your health and the environment would benefit, if you eat less meat, but if you have been a carnivore all your life, it is extremely difficult to switch to a 100% plant-based diet and lifestyle from one day to the next. However, small changes also make a difference, and every plant-based meal counts toward a healthier you. Start with Meatless Monday to get acquainted with meatless cooking and meals. A single day a week is manageable for most people, and if you develop a taste for the greens, you can gradually switch to eating even more plant-based.

I want to work out 3 times a week

I want to be active every day

10 minutes on the treadmill, a brisk walk in the neighborhood or a short yoga class in front of the TV. It does not matter how long or how hard, the most important thing is that you gradually add a bit of exercise to your everyday life. After a while, it eventually becomes so natural that you do not even think about it. You have probably heard it a hundred times before, but little things, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, actually make a difference. By living a more active life, your self-image also changes, and when you start seeing yourself as “the one who take the bike instead of the bus” it becomes much easier to make other choices that contribute to a healthier, more active, lifestyle.

I want to stop drinking coffee

I want to drink less coffee

A couple of years ago, I went from tea drinker to borderline coffee addict. At its peak, I was drinking four lattes a day, and at a point, I even developed small twitches near the eyes because of all that caffeine. I knew this had to change so I managed to cut down to two lattes a day last year, and this year, I want to decrease my coffee intake further and only drink one cup in the morning, so the caffeine will not affect my sleep.

But what to do, when the latte cravings set in, and you just need that latte along with your afternoon muffin? The simple answer is to skip both muffin and coffee, but that is easier said than done, so my advise is to look for good substitutes instead. For a gentle transition, replace the coffee with chai latte or matcha latte. If you choose black or green tea, there is still caffeine in the tea, but much less than in a double-shot latte. If you aim to quit caffeine completely, you can try different types of herbal teas or hot water boiled with ginger, lemon and honey.

Mitzie Mee - Sanne

Mitzie Mee - Sanne

Welcome to Mitzie Mee, a website about food, travel, beauty, and wellness.  

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Mitzie Mee - Sanne

Welcome to Mitzie Mee, a website about food, travel, beauty, and wellness.  

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