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NYC: Norikoh in Flatiron – The Grand Opening Party

by Sanne
Bonito flakes and shishito peppers at Norikoh, Flatiron, New York City

I was invited to the Grand Opening Party at Norikoh in Flatiron District, but I am in Denmark, getting my annual dose of Danish Christmas, so I couldn’t make it. I therefore sent my friend Sue and asked her to share her thoughts about the event. Sue loves good food just as much as I do, and we usually have the same taste in restaurants. Here are her comments:

Food and drinks

The sushi was good but no mind-blowing, very standard NYC sushi. We had started eating, when I remembered that f••k, I have to take photos! That explains why the sushi plate looks a bit empty in the photo:) Overall, the food reminded me of what you get at SushiSamba. My favorite dish was the shishito peppers with bonito flakes, and a zest of lemon to bring out the flavor of the dish. It was nice. The sangria from the happy hour menu was delicious, but hey what’s up with that oversized pineapple in a weird shape? hee-hee. We arrived a little late, and they were out of chicken wings and vegetable gyoza by then, so we did not get to taste these dishes.

The restaurant and the vibe

Norikoh felt very Midtown, with the simple, corporate set-up. The vibe was pretty casual with upbeat, club-like music, a bit like the restaurants on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. It was a nice evening and I am glad that we went. Afterwards, we continued the evening at the bar at NoMad, which is only a short walk away.

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Norikoh, 43 W. 24th St, Flatiron District, New York

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