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Oslo: Vigeland Park

by Sanne
Vigeland Park

Another post from my old blog

Vigeland Park is a part of Frogner Park, which is a huge green park in Oslo. Vigeland Park is known for its huge collection of distinct sculptures made by the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland, and even though I don’t usually consider myself as being very much into art, the sculptures in Vigeland Park are really something special. They are so fascinating and unique, and I just couldn’t stop watching.

We visited the park on a Saturday afternoon together with what felt like most of Oslo’s other inhabitants. The weather was really nice and we regretted that we did not bring a blanket so we could have a picnic in the sun.

Visiting the park is free, and it is open all year round. There are more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, and also plenty of green spots for sunbathing if you are lucky to hit the park on one of the few sunny days during the summer.

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