Pålsjö Krog – Beachside dining in Helsingborg

by Sanne
Pålsjö Krog in Helsingborg

April and I went to visit Rikke and Magnus in Helsingborg, and we had some wonderful days packed with Swedish summer, prinsess tårta (a special Swedish cake that Rikke and I just love) and pink G&Ts.

On our last night in Sweden, we went for dinner at Pålsjö Krog, which is a cozy restaurant right on the beach in Helsingborg. The restaurant is very popular during the summer months, and we called in last minute to book a table. I don’t know how she did it, but somehow Rikke managed not only to get us a table: She got us the best table in the restaurant, right by the window with a full view of the water.

The food was great, and of that light, delicious kind that you feel like on a warm summer night. April and I shared a steak tartare starter and Rikke and Magnus had the Toast Skagen (a special kind of super tasty shrimp salad that Sweden is famous for). I had chanterelle risotto as a main course, and it came with so many chanterelles, that it took several mouthfuls for me to get to the rice. The others had different kinds of fish dishes, and they all claimed that it was better than my risotto, but I honestly doubt that. A truly wonderful evening at a very nice restaurant.