Silk Robe – Pink

Ketut Riyanti
Size 6-10


Beautiful robe made of soft, glossy, upcycled silk. The robe can also be worn as a wrap-dress, and two ties on the inside of the dress help keep the front flap of the robe closed in front, while also allowing you to adjust the fit. You can wear the robe closed or open, over pants and a top. Comes with a belt that can be tied in front or back.

Color: Light Pink with Pattern

Size: One-size, fits US size 6-10 (also size 4, but with a looser fit)

Length: 45″

Material: 100% upcycled silk

Made in Bali, Indonesia


What is upcycled fabric?

Sometimes the garment factories order too much fabric, or a design gets cancelled resulting in piles of leftover fabrics. Traditionally, the leftover fabric ended up in landfills, but nowadays, the fabric is typically sold to smaller clothing brands and tailors at local markets. By using the material to make new garment items, we prevent beautiful fabric from going to waste and contribute to a more sustainable garment production.



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