Coconut Sugar – Organic & Fine Grain

16 oz


Looking for an alternative to refined white sugar, but haven’t really found anything that worked for you? Let me introduce Supernatural Coconut Sugar! Coconut sugar is sourced from the nectar of organic coconut blossoms, and it is renowned for its ease of use, gentle impact on blood sugar, and exceptional taste, which makes it an excellent refined sugar substitute. In case you winder, it doesn’t taste like coconut at all. Instead, coconut sugar offers a caramelly richness that integrates seamlessly into recipes without the need for adjustments. 1 cup of refined sugar = one cup of coconut sugar.

Supernatural Coconut Sugar contains a prebiotic fiber known as inulin, which helps moderate sugar absorption, thereby reducing the likelihood of sugar crashes, like a smarter version of sugar.

Supernatural Coconut Sugar is really good for baking, especially cookies and muffins, but I also use it as a sweetener for my lattes (both coffee and matcha latte), and I love the caramel-like flavor. It’s unrefined, organically farmed and sustainably sourced, making it a great alternative to refined white sugar.

 16oz/1lb package


About Supernatural

Supernatural Kitchen champions culinary creativity by offering baking ingredients that are vibrant, vegan, and free from artificial colors, preservatives, and allergens. The company focuses on using plant-based colors, ensuring their products are safe and environmentally friendly. Founded on the principle of enhancing kitchen creativity without compromising health, Supernatural Kitchen has made significant strides in providing concentrated, resilient, and natural color solutions for bakers. Their mission is rooted in a commitment to quality, sustainability, and fostering a baking community that values creativity and healthful choices


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