Sydney: The perfect brunch at Trio Cafe – Bondi Beach

by Sanne
Brunch at Trio Cafe, Bondi Beach, Sydney

I’m a morning-eater and I love a good brunch, so when my friend Mende sent me the following message on Facebook, I was all ears and eyes.

This is what she wrote:

”If you make it to Bondi Beach – I used to live in the pink building overlooking the beach, go to Trio cafe for my most favorite brunch anywhere! They have great coffees (I get mochas) & for the food, my favorites were the mango & lime buttermilk pancakes (with lemon curd & strawberries), shakshouka, boss eggs, breakfast burrito… Ok, come to think of it, I loved everything I had here! They have a great chef, & I never had a bad meal there after eating sometimes several times a week. Gosh, I almost want to hop a plane for it! ”

There are friends, and then there are Trusted Foodie Friends and Mende belongs to the latter. Trio, here I come!

In Mende’s message above, everything sounded so nice, so no way I could narrow it down to one dish. Instead I ordered a rather pricey breakfast tasting plate and sat down with a “it’d better be good” look on my face. Fortunately it was. The food was plenty, pretty and…not pasty, but tasty and I cherished every bite of it.

Shakshouka is a popular Arabic dish consisting of eggs baked in a sauce of tomatoes and onions. It’s a fixture on most brunch menus in Dubai, but in recent years I’ve also seen it on café menus abroad. The Dubai versions I’ve had have usually been far superior to the ones abroad, but the shakshouka at Trio was really tasty.

The French toast was just as sweet as it’s supposed to be and oh how I wished that single, perfectly fluffy pancake with lemon curd on the side would start cloning itself. It didn’t, but at least I now know where to go to find Sydney’s best pancakes.

This is how brunch should be done. Look and learn!

Trio, 56 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

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