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A visit to the flower shop – Gardenia in Fredericia

Fresh flowers are one of those little luxuries that really brightens the day, and a beautiful bouquet can work wonders for a room.  My knowledge about flowers is very limited, but I’ve been curious to learn more, so I got in touch with Lone from Gardenia in Fredericia and we agreed that I could come by for a talk.

Gypsophila, Baby's Breath, pastel-colored
Pastel-colored Gypsophila

Flower fashion is affected by big global trends just like clothes fashion. In Scandinavia, pastel-colored Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) is everywhere, and if there’s an it-flower this year, Gypsophila is the one. Maybe you have wondered how the flowers get all those different colors? Here’s the secret: Each stalk is injected with color while the flower is still growing. Sounds like a lot of work to me, but no doubt it looks pretty.

Dried flowers are also really big this season. You’ll find them arranged together in beautiful bouquets that will last forever, but also as single elements added to bouquets of predominantly fresh flowers.

Gardenia Fredericia
The blogger plant

The old blogger favorite Monstera Deliciosa (the one with leaves that look like someone has torn a hole in them) has been around for a while, and it looks like it is here to stay. Since the name is difficult to remember and pronounce, in Denmark you will hear a lot of people refer to it as the blogger plant, and everybody will know what you are talking about.

If you buy a bouquet from a good florist, you can expect it to last for a week or more. The stems are cut at an angle to increase the surface area available for absorbing water, and if you want to give your bouquet the best conditions for long-term survival make sure you place it in lukewarm water as soon as possible. Avoid cold water, as it makes the stems contract so the flower can’t drink sufficiently. One exception is flowers that grow from a bulb, because for some reason, they like their water ice cold.

Gardenia Blomster, Gl. Landevej 30, Erritsø, 7000 Fredericia, Tel: +45 75943134

Gardenia on Facebook

In the video, you can see how a beautiful bouquet comes alive:



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