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Billund Airport – King Amlet Lounge

Billund Airport - The King Amlet Lounge

Sister T and me went on a package vacation to Fuerteventura vacation. The flight was out of Billund Airport, which is the second largest airport in Denmark and close to where Sister T and my parents live. Departure was not until around 10am, but we went there well in advance to have breakfast in the King Amlet lounge.

I have LoungeKey on my Visa card, so I have free access to the lounge, and I can bring one guest along. If you travel a lot, like I do, LoungeKey is great, as you have access to lounges in most larger airports around the world. It may not be the fanciest lounges, and you pay an annual fee for the LoungeKey feature, but just being able to sit down in quiet surroundings and have a cup of coffee and a snack before your flight is well worth the cost.

King Amlet Lounge is one of my favorite lounges. In the morning, they have really nice rundstykker (Danish breakfast rolls), and if you arrive around lunch or dinner time, there is always a nice selection of small dishes and snacks of a very good standard compared to other LoungeKey lounges in Europe. The lounge is also rather big, considering the small size of the airport, so there is always plenty of space available, and the staff is nice and friendly, and down to earth, without that snobbish attitude, which unfortunately is rather common among lounge staff at certain other places.

I used to work in the airline industry for more than 10 years. My first job was in Billund, as a flight attendant for an airline called Maersk Air, so I always feel a bit nostalgic, when flying out of Billund as a passenger. You probably know Maersk from container shipping, and they also used to have an airline, but it went out of business many years ago. When I am flying as a passenger, I often bump into old colleagues, who are still working as airline pilots or cabin crew, and while I do not miss working in the airline industry, it is always nice to hear what they have been up to, and where they have been.

We flew with Novair to Fuerteventura, and had a really nice trip, which you can read more about on my Fuerteventura Blog >>



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