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Fredericia: Æggekage (egg cake) at Café Mums

Æggekage (egg cake) at Cafe Mums, Fredericia Blog

The Æggekage (egg cake, a savory Danish omelet/pancake) at Cafe Mums is Fredericia-famous, so the other day, Trine and I decided to invite our mom for an æggekage-lunch. It said online that it would take about 30 minutes to prepare the æggekage, so before we left, I called in and asked if it would be possible to pre-order the omelette, so we did not have to wait. It was not a problem at all, so we ordered two æggekager for serving 30 minutes later.

It did not take more than 10 minutes from the time we arrived and until the æggekager were brought to our table. They looked light and fluffy, almost soufflé-like, and came topped with slices of smoked pork belly. The æggekager came with pickled beetroot, semi-dried tomatoes, coarse mustard and some really good rye bread.

Unfortunately, the chef had been a little too generous with the salt that day, which I also told the staff later. I do not know, maybe they want the æggekage to be that salty, but it was a little too much for our liking. If you have the same low salt tolerance as we do, you might want to tell the kitchen to take it easy with the salt, if you are ordering æggekage at Mums. And of course that is what you will order, because it is a great-looking dish, and if you are two people sharing, you have lunch at a reasonable price too (the æggekage costs just over 200kr).

One æggekage is big enough for two people to share, but two æggekager are too much for three people, so if you are three persons meeting for lunch, I would recommend just ordering one æggekage, and a couple of the smørrebrød (Danish open-faced sandwiches) instead:)



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