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Back in Denmark – Back in the snow

Snow in Denmark

I’m back in Denmark, and it’s snowing! Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy groceries, and when I was finished, heavy snow was falling from the sky. It does not snow very often in Denmark, so I guess I should be excited about it. Though while there is no doubt it looks very pretty with the white stuff around, if asked to choose, I would pick sun and palm trees over rain and snow, anytime!

I will be in Denmark for the rest of this month, as I have a lot of practical stuff I need to get done for Fair Fashionista in Denmark. I keep growing out of my inventory space, and I spent most of the summer trying to reorganize so I could stay, but now there’s no way around it and I have to move to a larger room next door.

The other day, I therefore went shopping for shelving units. Ever since I started, I have been using the same type of units, and I think I have assembled more than 30 of those by now. The inventory looks a bit chaotic, as I am still deciding on how to organize the floor plan, but give me a couple of days, and I will show you the final result. Until then, here are some photos of Denmark in the snow:



Bean-to-bar chocolate from South Carolina

Yaupon Brothers

Tea from Florida

Sour Wild Strawberry Fish

Handmade in Takeo, Cambodia

Delicious snacks

Small brands, great taste

Tapenade - Spread-mmms

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Chocolate - Sol Cacao

Bean-to-bar chocolate – Handmade in New York

Hair bows - CWSG

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Handwoven tea towels

Handmade in Takeo, Cambodia