Cape Cod: Dinner at Pepe’s Wharf in Provincetown

by Sanne
Pepe's Wharf, Provincetown, Cape Cod

It was 8 in the evening before we arrived in Provincetown, so after parking the car, we hurried out to find a place for dinner.

Pepe’s Wharf was one of the first restaurants we saw, and the beachfront location quickly convinced us that this was where we were having dinner. The restaurant was almost full, but one of the staff members found a table for us on the terrace right next to the beach. It was dark when we got there, but the view must be stunning during daytime.

The food was amazing, but I wouldn’t have expected anything else with ingredients like that. I can’t recall the last time I had oysters so fresh like the local Wellfleet oysters we had at Pepe’s. The lobster roll was stuffed with big, meaty chunks of delicious lobster. It was almost double the size of any lobster rolls I’ve seen in Dubai, so none of us were able to finish the fries, which came with the dish.

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Pepe’s Wharf, 371 Commercial St, Provincetown

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