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Copenhagen: Great burgers at Greasy Spoon

by Sanne
Greasy Spoon, Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, I also met with another friend, Tina, whom I’ve known since high school. Back in the days, we spent so much time together that my parents for a while thought we had a romantic relationship. It even got so far that my mom dead seriously told me that they wouldn’t love me less, if I dated girls instead of boys. Well, mom and dad; the main reason why I slept over at Tina’s place all the time was that Tina, besides being a fun person to hang out with, also had this major DVD collection. We would get home delivery food and a big bag of salty licorice, and watch movies all night long.

This time, Tina and I didn’t meet for a movie but for a burger at Greasy Spoon (yes, that’s the name) in Studiestræde. Greasy Spoon is founded by the Danish DJ Thomas Madvig, and after the opening in 2013 it’s been one of the most hyped spots in Studiestræde. I usually prefer “homey” over “hyped” but the menu at Greasy Spoon looked promising, and Tina was eager to go.

In the beginning, the staff wasn’t overwhelmingly friendly, and you got the feeling that you had to work hard to earn their trust and their time. Though after a while it got better, and we even got a smile with our fries.

I had the Classic Burger with beef, cheddar and tomatoes, and Tina had the Mexi Chicken with homemade chicken patty, chili mayo and salsa. The burgers were really good, and the mac and cheese I had on the side was perfect.

Tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane to Singapore. I’m really looking forward to go, and I’ve made a long list with all the things AC has told me to eat. Otherwise, I’ve had some really busy days in Dubai. I have transferred both my website and my blog to another hosting provider, and yesterday, my old email account was down while my new one wasn’t up. If you’ve sent me an email during the last 24 hours, there’s therefore a big chance that it got lost in cyberspace. Now everything is back to normal and hopefully, I’ll be happy with my new virtual home.

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Greasy Spoon, Studiestræde 14, Copenhagen

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