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Ipsen & Co – Cozy cafe in Copehagen

by Sanne
Ipsen & Co, Copenhagen

When I took my pilot license, we were 3 girls at the flight school who used to stick together. Our greatest common passion wasn’t flying, but food, and we used to go on foodie sprees in Copenhagen, whenever we had the time and the money.

Recently, one of the girls, Line, has opened a coffee shop together with her younger brother, and the other day, I went to see it for the first time. The café is called Ipsen & Co and it is the most wonderful little gem. I’m not saying that because I know Line, but because it’s true, and if you’ve been there, I think you’ll agree.

At Ipsen & Co they emphasize that they’re not a café but a coffee shop, and that food is only secondary to serving great coffee. Don’t let that scare you from ordering a little something along with your coffee. The menu is plain without the tiniest hint of pretentiousness, and the food is absolutely fabulous. I had an open potato sandwich on toasted rye bread sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and mayonnaise, and it was delicious. The Danes love their rye bread, but many foreigners find it a bit too sour and dull. Try the toasted rye bread at Ipsen & Co and I promise you’ll eat your words (and maybe a potato sandwich).

The rustic décor and cool details don’t overwhelm the small room, and the high ceiling leaves plenty of space to breathe.  Only the early worm catches a bird, and you have to be a really early and lucky worm to get a chair during the lunchtime hours, the afternoon and…well, most of the time.

Ipsen & Co is located on Gl. Kongevej right around the corner from where I used to live in Copenhagen. This neighborhood is really popular among people, who live in Copenhagen, but a bit too far from Strøget to attract the worst hordes of tourists. It is just as cozy and cool as I’d expected it to be, and it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular, as they seem to be doing everything right. If you’re in Copenhagen and you want to experience genuine Copenhagen café/coffee culture, then Ipsen & Co would be a really good choice.

You probably think “she’s just writing that because she knows the owner”, but if you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know that I always write my honest opinion. My blog is holy, I can’t lie.

I didn’t tell Line in advance that I would be visiting (in fact, she wasn’t even there, the day I came by) and I paid for food and drinks myself.

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Ipsen & Co, Gl. Kongevej 108, 1850 Frederiksberg C

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