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Copenhagen: Friends who can cook

by Sanne

There’s nothing better than meeting your friends for a delicious homemade dinner, and I am fortunate enough to have plenty of friends, who know how to cook. Some of them are better than others, but in the uncrowned MasterChef league, there’s only one couple and that’s Michael and Lise. Numerous trips to Italy have made this foodie duo exceptionally well versed in Italian cuisine, so I was thrilled, when they invited me over for saltimbocca and wine the other day.

Saltimbocca is made from thin slices of veal (most preferably from the inside of the thigh) and then topped with, or wrapped in, prosciutto and sage. It’s a very simple dish, but it tastes heavenly. It is also one of those dishes, which, like a tapping finger on my shoulder, reminds me that it is much too long since my last trip to Italy. There are lots of nice Italian restaurants all over the world, but nothing beats eating authentic Italian food in Italy. It is like calibrating my taste buds so they are once again capable of identifying the real Italian taste.

I feel the same way about other, foreign cuisines; if it’s been too long since I’ve had the real deal, I tend to forget what it tastes like and I become more and more prone to accept internationally adapted versions such as Danish/Turkish pizza, and Thai dishes without chili as genuine stuff. Maybe it’s time to plan my next trip?

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