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Copenhagen: Stegt flæsk at Nyboders Køkken

We eat a lot of pork in Denmark, so it should come as no surprise that stegt flæsk, fried pork belly, was voted the National Dish of Denmark in 2014. Stegt flæsk is traditionally served with potatoes and a white gravy with lots of parsley. The pork belly is either pan-fried or cooked in the oven. I’ve also heard about deep-fried versions, but this is definitely not the traditional way to prepare it.

It’s a simple, yet tasty dish, and one of the things I never get tired of eating, so when my friend Joachim suggested that we went for stegt flæsk at Nyboders Køkken I thought it was an excellent idea.

We both ordered all-you-can-eat stegt flæsk along with a beer. “And how about a schnapps?” asked the nice female waitress. Of course, how could we forget? Stegt flæsk, beer and schnapps. I don’t think it gets more Danish than this.

You know how I’ve been bitching about the service in Denmark, which is often arrogant and leaves you feeling that you’re in the way. Well, none of that is true for Nyboders Køkken. I don’t remember the last time I had such great service in Denmark. The staff treated us as if we were regulars, and spoke to us in a friendly, warm voice. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before the beer we ordered arrived at our table, and the food was delivered shortly after. The stegt flæsk was cooked to perfection. It was slightly crispy, but with this chewy core that I just love.

We didn’t have a table reservation, as we thought that “Tuesday night, how busy could it possibly be?”. Though when we arrived, the restaurant was almost full, and we got one of the last available tables, so I would strongly recommend that you book a table in advance.  

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Nyboders Køkken, Borgergade 134, 1300 Copenhagen

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