Danish food: Flødeboller!

by Sanne
Flødeboller, Danish food

Flødeboller! In its most basic form, a flødebolle is a chocolate-covered meringue-like mass on a thin, round wafer. You’ll find the popular treat at any Danish kid’s birthday party, but in recent years, flødeboller have seen a surge in popularity among adults too, a surge which I think has been largely driven by a reinvention of the concept.

Several upscale Danish chocolatiers have developed their own signature flødebolle with luxury features such as thin marzipan biscuits in the bottom instead of the usual, rather boring, wafer. The traditional flødebolle was either covered in plain dark chocolate or dark chocolate sprinkled with shredded coconut, but nowadays all sorts of flavors are available.

My favorite flødebolle brand is Summerbird, but they’re rather pricey and only available at a limited number of selected shops. However, when the flødebolle cravings kick in, I’m a non-discriminatory eater, and I was therefore happy to see that another decent Flødebolle producer, Spangsberg, had opened a factory outlet close to my parents’ home.

So the other day, I went on my first flødebolle haul. I was careful to check the expiration date as I figured that a box of 25 flødeboller would last for several weeks, but I should have known better because now, on Day 2, there are only 8 left:)

PS: The word Flødeboller is very difficult to pronounce correctly if you aren’t a native Danish speaker, so if you really want to impress your Danish friends, practice the tongue-twister: “5 flade flødeboller på et fladt flødebolle fad”.

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