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Decorative Bottle Lights and Smørrebrød

by Sanne
Bottle lights decoration

Yesterday, Denmark played match number two in the European Football Championship, and even though I am not very interested in football (or any other sport for that matter), I usually watch on TV when the national team is playing. We had a very dramatic first match in the tournament with Christian Eriksen collapsing on the field, and I think most of Denmark were sitting tight, to see how the team would do. Unfortunately, we lost, so things are not looking too good for Denmark, championship-wise.

We had smørrebrøds cake ordered from a local restaurant. This way of serving smørrebrød (with the topping on a big square of white bread instead of on individual slices of dark rye bread) was new to me, but apparently, it has been trending in Denmark for a while now.

Later that evening, it was time to turn on the lights of my new bottle decorations. I had some beautiful rosé wine bottles that I did not want to throw out, so my mom suggested that we turned them into decorative light bottles. You can buy LED string lights online, made for this specific purpose and with the battery holder inside the cork. I think they turned out really pretty, so now I am looking for green and brown wine bottles for the balcony in Dubai.

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