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Denmark: Meet Bølle! My parents’ cute Danish-Swedish Farmdog puppy

by Sanne
Danish Swedish Farmdog

My parents just got a puppy. His name is Bølle (rascal in Danish), and he’s only 9 weeks old and so cute it’s crazy. He’ll chase his own tail and running around the house like a maniac until he abruptly crashes and enters deep puppy sleep on the couch together with his favorite pillow from Snuggly Ugly.

I love dogs but Poul and I are both away so much that getting a dog is out of the question for the time being. Taking care of such a little guy is a lot of work, and these days we can’t even keep our house plants alive, but someday, I really want my own little Bølle.

Bølle now has a stepsister, Bella, and she is quite a handful!

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