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Denmark: Merry Christmas!

by Sanne
Danish Christmas food

Hey, what happened to December? Once again Christmas has taken me by surprise, and with just one day to go, I guess all good intentions of gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies just have to wait until next year.

My mom knows about my Grinch-like tendencies, so before I left for Dubai, she made me a nice Danish Christmas dinner. We had roast duck with caramelized potatoes followed by risalamande for dessert. Risalamande is a kind of rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla and chopped almonds. One whole almond is also added, and the person who finds it gets a prize. It’s usually my dad who finds the almond, but this time it was me. Yay! Though I’m sure that on the 24th, when the real game is on, he will get the almond and the prize.

On December 24th  Poul and I are flying to Fort Lauderdale from Dubai, so we will be celebrating Christmas in the sun. I’m really looking forward to visit Fort Lauderdale again and I can’t wait to get my dose of scoobies (blue crab and garlic) at Coconuts.

Update: We ended up having steak for Christmas at Ruth’s Chris in Fort Lauderdale, and it was delicious.

Merry Christmas:)

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