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Denmark: Trelde Næs and blackberry jam

by Sanne
Trelde Næs, Fredericia

Last month I took the dogs for a walk at Trelde Næs. It is a wonderful area with a small stretch of beach squeezed in between the sea and the forest, and the dogs love it out there.

The walk also brought back childhood memories about how my dad used to take my sister and me along for a bicycle ride to Trelde Næs. We would bring small plastic buckets, so we could go into the woods to pick blackberries. Later, when we got back home, my mom would make blackberry jam, which we had with pandekager (Danish crepes) and vanilla ice cream.

It is one of my dearest childhood memories, and ever since I got back from my dog walking excursion last month, I have been nagging my mom about taking up her blackberry jam production again. Finally it happened. So today’s lunch was Danish crepes, blackberry jam and vanilla ice cream. Just as delicious as I remember it to be.

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