Doha: Cocktails at Strata

by Sanne
Strata at Intercontinental Doha The City

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When Tiffany from AGirlAndHerPassport saw on Instagram that I was in Doha, she sent me a message to say welcome, and I replied with a suggestion that we met for a cup of coffee. Though cocktails are always more fun, so we ended up meeting at Strata, which is the lounge bar on the 55th floor at Intercontinental Doha The City.

Strata opens at 6pm so I thought I would be fine, leaving my room 5 minutes before. Though on my way down in the elevator, I realized that I had forgotten my passport, so I had to go back and get it. By the time I reached Strata, Tiffany had already found a table for us. It was by the window, and we had a great view of the city. As far as I could see, Strata has floor-to-ceiling windows all the way round, so it would probably have been harder to find a table without a view.

Doha’s skyscrapers look dazzling after dark and that night, fireworks over the Corniche made the views even more spectacular. We stayed at Strata for 2 hours, and if it weren’t for the upcoming dinner reservation at Prime, I would have liked to stay even longer. The cocktails were nice, the music wasn’t too loud and the clientele seemed social but not rowdy. It was a shame that my travel partner Hanna couldn’t join us, because I’m sure she would have loved it too, but she had to stay in the room and take care of her two little monsters (she said that, not me:)).

Tiffany had a glass of wine while I chose a Singapore Sling, which has made a huge comeback as my personal favorite cocktail. We didn’t pay for the drinks at Strata (thank you so much Intercontinental), but I did go through the menu and drinks at Strata aren’t cheap. Though they aren’t excruciatingly expensive either, and if you consider the nice location, the table service and the great view, I think most people would find it very reasonable. Also, there was no cover charge when we were there, and from what I could find out online, ladies have free entrance all nights if they come early. Though if you consider going, it’s probably a good idea to call in advance and check.

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