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Fredericia: Brunch at Mums

by Sanne
Brunch at Mums, Fredericia

Today, Sister T and I went for brunch at Mums, which is a quaint little café near the marina in Fredericia. We were there at 10, when they opened, and after browsing the menu, which we already had checked out online, Trine decided on the brunch platter, and I went for the American pancakes.

Mums is such a cozy place, but I had expected more from the food. My pancakes were dry and had quite a crunch, which made me suspect they might have been from the day before and served after being re-heated in the toaster. They came with pineapple and watermelon on the side, which I think is quite a pity, considering all the delicious local fruit and berries available at this time of the year.

Trine’s brunch platter looked nicer, and had a good selection of both savory and sweet items, which characterizes brunch in Denmark, as we don’t want to choose, but prefer to get a taste of everything. Trine has nut allergy, so I got to take over her skyr (Icelandic dairy product) with granola, which was delicious.  

Mums starts serving lunch at 11am, and I suspect that this is when the chef arrives, because we asked if it would be possible to order the Danish omelet, which they are famous for, a little early, and it wasn’t. The coffee was good though, and the staff was nice and friendly, so I will probably go back and give Mums another try some other day. After 11am..

Mums, Gothersgade 42, 7000 Fredericia

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