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Fredericia: Djengis Khan Mongolian Barbecue

by Sanne
Djengis Khan Mongolian Barbecue, Fredericia

My sister Trine and I are very different in many ways, but one thing that brings us together is food, and it does not have to be fancy. When Trine was living in Århus, we always went to the same Vietnamese restaurant to eat pho, but after she has moved to Fredericia, Djengis Khan Mongolian Barbecue (or, The Mongolian, as most people call it) has become our new favorite place to go.

After you have picked whatever you want from the buffet with raw ingredients, the staff will help you add the different sauces for the frying. I always have the same mix of lamb meat, noodles, bamboo shoots and mushroom, while Trine’s preferred mix consists of different kinds of meat and a minimum of vegetables. It is ready in a few minutes and it tastes delicious.

The Mongolian has been there as long as I remember. They have the nicest staff, but we’ve never really talked. Though the last time we were there, the Chinese woman (I think she is the owner?) asked us where we were from. We told her that we both were adopted from Korea, but she didn’t really seem to believe us. After a while she proclaimed that I looked Chinese and Trine? Was she maybe from Greenland?!?

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Djengis Khan, Danmarksgade 33, 7000 Fredericia

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