Fredericia – Østerstrand

by Sanne
Østerstrand, Fredericia

From Dubai Marina to Østerstrand (Eastern beach) in Fredericia, what a contrast! I went with my mom to walk her dog Bølle and Trine’s dog Bella along the beach, and even though it was freezing, it was a wonderful walk. The Danish beaches are even more beautiful in the winter months, when they are almost empty and the air is crisp and clear.  

Østerstrand is within walking distance from the city center, and when I was in high school, this was the place to be in the summer months. When we graduated from high school, the beach was a part of many late-night celebrations, and the night before the graduation ceremony, I had to jump in the water after losing a bet🙂

Back then, there was an old wooden pier and an ice cream stand, which was only open during the summer. Today there are brand new facilities including an outdoor Muscle Beach-style gym, and a café, which is open all year round.

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