Fredericia: Østerstrand – A walk down memory lane

by Sanne

Østerstrand, Fredericia//This is a blog post from my old blog//

Poul arrived in Denmark yesterday and we are now at my parents’ place in Jutland. Today we drove to the beach with my sister and my mom and went for a short walk along the coastline. In the summertime, the beach is always packed with people, but at this time of the year, we were the only ones there. The beach is really conveniently located right at the end of one of the major streets in Fredericia and when I was in high school this was the place to be, when the sun was shining.

The evening before I graduated from high school, I made this stupid bet with one of my classmates. I’ve forgotten what the bet was about, but I lost and I therefore had to jump into the water from the wooden pier at sunrise. It was a very cold and wet experience and the main reason I look horrible on all the pictures from the graduation ceremony.

Fredericia was the city I grew up in and even though I couldn’t imagine myself living here, I always enjoy going back to visit. It’s like meeting an old friend. You know you’ve drifted apart and do not have a lot in common, but you still enjoy each other’s company as it reminds you about a very happy time long gone. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself very happy in my present life, but those high school years were magical, and some of the best years in my life.



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