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Henne Strand: Pan fried plaice at Strandgaarden

Pan fried plaice at Strandgaarden, Henne Strand, Denmark

This weekend, I am with my parents in their vacation home, and today we went for lunch at Henne Strand, which is a small beach town at the Danish west coast. My parents always go to restaurant Strandgaarden for the pan fried plaice, which they claim is the best in Henne.

Pan-fried plaice one rye bread with remoulade is a real Danish classic, and if made the right way it is heavenly. The plaice should be fresh-out-of-the-water, then battered and pan-fried in butter until golden brown.

The plaice at Strandgaarden was just perfect, and if you are curious about trying this traditional Danish dish, I don’t think I could think of a better place to try it.

Henne Strand is very dog friendly, and most cafes and shops have water bowls out in front for the dogs. Many people also bring their dogs when having lunch at the cafes with outdoor seating. We brought Bella & Bølle, and except for a short-lived bark-off with a young Labrador, they did well today, resting quietly under the table.

Strandgaarden, Klitvej 3, Henne Strand, Denmark, Tel: +45- 7525 5026



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