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Kenya: A day in Nairobi

by Sanne

I visited Kenya back in 2012 and this is a post from my old blog

I woke up with a roaring appetite, and decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood to find something to eat. Along the streets that line the bus station next to the hotel, there are plenty of small stalls that sell fruit and clothes. There are also a few stalls with eateries and some butcher shops.

Even though the food looked tempting, the dust and smoke around the station weren’t exactly tickling my appetite, so I ended up taking a taxi to the city center, where I had lunch at the lovely, but expensive Café Americain at Hilton.

Now I’m back at the hotel with a lot of Nairobi impressions. Nairobi might not be the prettiest city around, but there are plenty of charming areas. I did not feel unsafe at any time during the day, and apart from a few annoying touts that wanted to sell me a safari, the people I met were all very kind and helpful.

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