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Kenya: Carnation Hotel in Nakuru

Carnation Hotel in Nakuru, Kenya

I visited Kenya in 2012 and this is a post from my old blog

We hadn’t booked a hotel in advance for our stay in Nakuru, so after returning from the excursion to Nakuru National Park, we had to find a place to spend the night. With the kitschy reception décor and the promise of “quiet rooms” Carnation Hotel immediately won our hearts, and we handed over the 1500 schilling for a twin bed room. The room rate included breakfast and, as it turned out, also a cockroach on the floor…yuck!

Unfortunately, the “quiet rooms” turned out to be far from quiet. Even though the location of the hotel was in a quiet neighborhood, the hotel guests next door made sure to keep us awake for most of the night.

A very pleasant surprise was the hot water for our morning shower. Really hot water is not usually the standard at budget hotels in Kenya, so it was indeed a nice surprise, and made us forget the fact that the bathroom interior otherwise could have needed a good deal of TLC.

The hotel’s restaurant was also very charming and the breakfast, which included fruit and omelet, was really good. So except for the noisy neighbors, the cockroach and the shabby bathroom, I think Carnation Hotel was good value for money.

Carnation Hotel,  Mosque Rd, Nakuru, Kenya



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