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Denmark: Kurt’s Kaffebar – Cozy Cafe in Fredericia

Kurts Kaffebar, Fredericia

I first discovered Kurt’s Kaffebar this summer, while I was strolling around in Fredericia, and I could not believe my eyes. Fredericia is known for many things, but quaint little cafes aren’t one of them, and this place was so incredibly cute.

Stepping inside the café is like stepping inside someone’s home. Traditional Danish cakes are lined up on a table, including Drømmekage (one of my favorite Danish cakes), so you can serve yourself and make sure you get the biggest slice of cake. Drømmekage (dream cake) is a sponge cake with a topping of coconut and brown sugar fudge. It tastes heavenly and I do not understand why this cake still has not made it big internationally. Maybe I should apply to become a Drømmekage ambassador?

Just a couple of years ago, I would pick a café based on how nice their coffee was. Though nowadays, when even McDonald’s are serving a decent cappuccino, and the overall standard for coffee has gone up so drastically, coffee is rarely an order winner anymore, but more of a qualifier. Serve good coffee, and I might come by. Serve bad coffee and I won’t even consider going. The coffee at Kurt’s Kaffebar was good, but it is the Drømmekage that will make me come back again, and the reason why you should definitely visit too. I know the chances are slim, but just in case you make it to Fredericia, here’s the address:

Kurt’s Kaffebar, Jyllandsgade 39, 7000 Fredericia

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