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MASH – Excellent steaks in Copenhagen Airport

MASH, steak restaurant in Copenhagen Airport

What to do when your flight is delayed and you’re stuck with meal vouchers in Copenhagen Airport? Well I decided to go to MASH and have a big and juicy ribeye steak. Rare, with fries and béarnaise sauce.

Now MASH and I haven’t always been on good terms. As a matter of fact, I swore I would never go back after my first visit back in 2011. Why? Read my blog post from my old blog below. Man, I was angry!

This time, both staff and steak were top notch, and I’m not the one to hold a grudge (at least not for more than 6 years) so MASH, I think I’m ready to forgive you:)

The following post was first published on my old blog in June 2011:

Out of principle, I only rarely blog about bad dining experiences. Even good restaurants can have a bad day, and I don’t think it’s fair to put something, which might just have been a bump on the road, out there for eternal life online.

One exception is, if I have felt so unwelcome that I have absolutely no intention of coming back. This happens rarely, but unfortunately I had such an experience in April. I was not sure whether to write about it, but after having so many wonderful dining experiences recently elsewhere, I have built up more and more frustrations and disappointment about the treatment I got at MASH in Copenhagen.

For several months Poul and I had talked about reserving a table at the much-hyped steak restaurant MASH. We had booked a table at 8:30pm, which is quite late for dinner in Denmark. We arrived exactly on time and with an appetite that was almost as great as our expectations.

We left our coats in the cloakroom and were then told that our table wasn’t ready yet, but we could go and wait in the bar. I am usually a big fan of before-dinner drinks, but that late in the evening, I really just wanted to see some food. Moreover, it seemed a bit ludicrous that we had to pay for a drink ourselves, while waiting to be seated at a table, which wasn’t ready when we arrived (on time). We were lurking in the bar for 20 minutes before I ran out of patience and asked the bartender when we could expect that our table, which was reserved for 8.30pm to be ready. He discussed the topic with a colleague and immediately after, we were shown to our table, and I couldn’t help notice the significant number of empty tables we passed on our way.  

The rest of the evening is best be summarized by the word Meaningless. The menu was placed in front of us with a brief ‘here you go.’ No one welcomed us, nor regretted that we didn’t get our table on time, and apart from the waiter, who brought us the bread, no one spoke to us in more than 1-word phrases during the time we were there.

We ordered each a Greater Omaha Corn Fed NY Strip with vegetables, fries and onion rings on the side as well as a bottle of red wine. The meat was excellent and if only the service had been half as good, we had probably chosen to stay for dessert instead of asking for the bill before we even finished our main course. In case you wonder, nobody noticed.  Out in the streets again, heading for an ice cream in Nyhavn, we both agreed that this was the worst dining experience we had ever had..

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