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Munich: China Moon (now The Terrace) rooftop bar at Mandarin Oriental

by Sanne
China Moon Roof Terrace at Mandarin Oriental, Munich

We didn’t make it to Mandarin Oriental until 9:45pm, and the sweet guy in the door informed us that the rooftop bar would be closing at 10pm. Though we decided to head up there anyway, and at least enjoy the view of the city. Did I say sweet? Hanna definitely agreed with me, and we were giggling like teenagers all the way up in the elevator.

Turned out that we had plenty of time anyway, as they only stopped serving drinks at 10pm. You were welcome to hang around and finish your drink afterwards, and when we left around 10:30pm, there were still people up there. From the bar, we had a beautiful view of Munich, and we both realized how big the city actually was, and how tiny a fraction we had seen so far.

There’s something special about Mandarin Oriental, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to an MO hotel, which hasn’t been super classy. The one in Munich was a bit smaller than the other MO hotels I’ve been to. It was located in a beautiful old building on a corner, just a few steps further down the road from Hofbräuhaus München, which was where we went afterwards, but more on that later.

I had a glass of rosé and Hanna had a vodka cocktail, which turned out to be really strong, even for her Finnish palate, so I had to help her finish it. There was no cover charge, but we paid around 30EUR for the drinks. It might sound a bit steep, but considering the location and the view, I think it was ok.

China Moon is now called The Terrace

The Terrace, Mandarin Oriental, Neuturmstrasse 1, 80331 Munich

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Hanna July 8, 2017 - 2:28 am

We were giggling all night like that 😀 Teenage Tour or what?!


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