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Munich: Master’s Home (CLOSED) – Date night with Hanna

by Sanne
Master's Home, Munich

Master’s Home is now permanently closed

Master’s Home is a gorgeous Italian restaurant with a fun concept. The restaurant is located in a cozy old building in the Old Town, and the cozy interior makes you feel like you’re stepping inside somebody’s home, a feeling that was further emphasized by the friendly and warmhearted staff greeting us.

We were seated outside in the adorable backyard, and the tables all had white tablecloths and vases with beautiful roses. Most of the other diners were couples and there’s no doubt that Master’s Home is the perfect place to bring a date. Though bringing a good friend wasn’t bad either (Hanna, you were a great date!). Time just flew, and before we knew, we had spent most of the evening drinking Aperol Spritz and eating good food. Regarding Aperol Spritz, this has become a serious competitor to my usual glass of rosé wine this summer. It’s not too sweet but oh so refreshing, and I wonder why I haven’t discovered it before.

There’s no menu, but instead the staff will ask you what you can’t eat before they start serving you dishes from an 8-course line-up. Each dish is 10.5EUR, and you can say stop whenever you want and skip directly to dessert (or end the meal).However, please be aware that you’ll need to advice the kitchen well in advance. We were a little too late to notify the kitchen, so we didn’t manage to halt the salmon before it was too late. Here’s what we had:

Tuna carpaccio: Raw tuna, olive oil and pepper. Simple but delicious.

Apples and mushrooms baked in cream sauce: Such a delicious dish. I’ll try recreating this one at home.

Tagliatelle with squid ink and scampi: Beautiful dish with a great flavor. The tagliatelle was just perfect.

Something I think was spätzle with wild boar: For some reason, I don’t remember this dish, and I only took one photo of it. I think it was nice.

Salmon with kiwi sauce: The fish dish that we tried to halt. I’ve never had salmon with kiwi before, and I’m not sure it’s something I would be very eager to try again. The salmon was nicely cooked, but I didn’t like the kiwi sauce.

Strawberry panna cotta: An Italian classic that I never get tired of. Especially not when it’s so super tasty as the one at Master’s Home. Creamy, but not too heavy and with a sauce packed with strawberry flavor. This is how to do it!

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